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Installation Guide for FHTC
  • The Pipeline network needs be checked before fixing of house service Connection.

  • The HDPE/DI/PVC distribution pipe line that is to be tapped should be exposed from the trench.

  • Remove the protective cap on both sides and clean the flow Control Valve with cloth to make sure it is free from dirt especially at the threading.

  • Apply sufficient amount of Teflon tape on the threading to ensure a leak proof joint.

  • Shake the Flow Control Valve to hear a chatter noise of the ball. This will ensure ball is assembled in the Fcv and that ball is not jammed inside the body.

  • Not the arrow marking on the body of the FCV indicating direction of flow of water.

  • Ensure that the Fcv is fitted with the arrow pointing upwards only, otherwise there will not be any flow of water as it is Non-Return Valve (NRV) in the opposite Direction.

  • Fix the Flow Control Valve over the saddle body by proper tightening.

  • The Flow Control Valve has stainless steel male threaded outlet on both sides. Avoid over tightening as this may lead to damage of threading.

  • Fix the female threaded adapter with compression fitting of MPPE915 over the FCV.

  • Proceed with the required bends, elbows, as per the requirement.

  • Female threaded elbow off take compression adopts with SS insert can also be used for fixing of MDPE pipe with compression joints, the pipe should be inserted upto the extent beyond the 'O' ring.

  • Note: Ensure that female threading of tapping saddle is of same size as FCV male connector so that the FCV should properly fit on the saddle having no gaps/voids in between saddle and Fcv.

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