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Why Flow Control Valves in House Service Connections:
The challenge - faced by Executive Engineer, Shri. Rajeshwar Rao Bandari - Rural water supply and sanitation, telangana , India -Hydraulics and his team for execution of Mission Bhagiratha drinking water supply project - was to come up with a new method of pipeline system for maintaining the pressures to reach water supply to all the households at least for 1st floor level and for
overcoming the problems in the existing drinking water distribution systems. 
The Problem was solved by Shri. Rao by introducing House hold Flow Control Valves for
Equitable water distribution. Domestic Household Flow Control / Non-Return Valve (FCV/NRV) is used primarily for Equitable water distribution of protected drinking water supply in the Corporation, Municipality and Gram Panchayat. In the Present situation the regulation of water supply is achieved through Ferrule cock to the individual customer from the main distribution pipe. However this method does not achieve the desired result as the
page4_missionbhagirathi copy.JPG
customer is free to draw excess water over and above his allotment by using a suction pump / booster motor over the Ferrule cock. Moreover in India the topography of the region varies widely causing imbalance in the pressure head in different areas of the distribution network. This not only causes a distortion in the supply but also causes loss to the local authorities. The new pipe 
line methods were implemented for the FCV experiment in the villages of Erravelly,Datarpally, Toopran in Gajwel constituency in Medak district and at Pamapuram of Wanaparthy constituency of Telangana State. The required pressure was maintained in the pipe mains. Even during peak hours where all the households in the villages are taking water simultaneously. This method of piping system is an innovative development for India and also suitable to other developing countries. This
method is a synchronized pipeline design system for the cumulative discharges with respect to restricted or limited with-drawls at household’s connections using tamper proof flow control valves (FCV) designed for outflow rate of 5 liters per minute @ 0.5 bar and suitable for Urban & Rural Areas in India. Now FCVs provision is made mandatory for
all the households in all villages of Telangana State and proposed for fixing at the government cost in “Mission Bhaghiratha” program.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is giving a hard push to the Jal Jeevan Mission to keep the project on track and give employment to workers in rural areas

- Hindustan Times

Jal Jeevan Mission:
After the success of Mission Bhagiratha in Telangana - which is already reaching 23,968 rural habitations and 120 urban local bodies in the State and saving ₹1,800 crore annually for the people, who otherwise would have spent it on bottled water in rural areas alone - the scheme has already evolved into a
jal shakti advisory for flow control valve
a role model for the entire country, many states including Maharashtra, Bihar, and Odisha have implemented similar schemes after studying Mission Bhagiratha. Under the aegis of The Ministry of Jal Shakti, The Central Government is emulating this for Jal Jeevan Mission. Mission Director of Jal Jeevan Manoj Kumar Sahu issued an advisory to The Additional Chief Secretaries / Principal Secretaries and Secretaries of All States and Union Territories to study the implementation of Mission Bhagiratha including the use of “flow control valve” with a design flow of 5LPM every household point connection for equitable distribution of water to all household connections in a habitation. In the first phase, The Centre has decided to implement the Jal Jeevan Mission and provide safe drinking water to 45 lakh households in five states – Assam, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal – in 2020-21.
About us:​
Our capabilities include all aspects of Design , Manufacturing and Testing associated with specialised precision pneumatic and Hydrolique valve and Household Flow Control Valves (FCV / NRV) & Components. We also maintain a huge ready inventory of All grades of Stainless Steel (AISI 316, 304, 202) to enable faster turnaround of large orders.

We have modern machinery and testing equipments to ensure and maintain quality at all steps. We have latest quality testing machine and control method and highly motivated skilled and well trained work force to continuous improvement in quality. The company has the ability to supply multiple product orders within delivery schedule to markets all over India.

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